A charitable and social organisation Vasudev Kutumb A charitable and social organisation

Learning to choose thoughts and actions based on values.

Interacting with PD Subhash, Associate Professor, Planning and Monitoring Division, NCERT.

Empowering youth with values for a bright future.


A Charitable And Social Organization

Registered under Society Act registration no. 746 dated 17-07-2009, got exemption under 80G of income tax no. 111(109) valid w.e.f. 08-11-2010 and having its registered office at 57, Ram Vihar, Ballupur, Dehradun.


The vision of our organisation is to promote value education that may be bring a big change. Value Education is the most powerful weapon with which you can change the world.



VK strives to promote values among the youth to enable them to become good human beings and good citizens.

Academic Education + Value Education = Complete Eduaction

Economic Self-Reliance + Emotional Self-Reliance = The Educated Man

Latest Happenings

Exploring Value Education.


Value Of Values

A value, any value, universal or situational, is a value for a person only when he sees the value of value as valuable to him.
For example, self-reliance or doing things by oneself does not feature under traditional moral science.

Vasudev Kutumb, NGOs Angios In Dehradun Uttrakhand India

How is value eduaction imparted?

Precept: Children are taught the moral and ethical logic behind value and virtues and the consequences of following or abusing them.
Habit: Children are encouraged into good habits of thought and action with the help of Self Development Diary. Example: Children learn more by emulation and imitation than by instruction. There is nothing more influential in a child's life than the power of example. The students are encouraged to read Garden of life/Jeevan Kala books provided to them.
Moral literacy: This is achieved through stories, poems and historical incidents of warriors, leaders and freedom fighters. Children see through these, how the stories of role models who followed these values inspire the generation, youth and children themselves.

Vasudev Kutumb, NGOs Angios In Dehradun Uttrakhand India

Why is there an urgent need for value education to be integrated with the present day school curriculum?

Academic education is of prime importance in today's day and age because it is the best way for an individual to achieve economic self-reliance and material progress. However, academic education can only secure one a good qualification and a career. It is not designed to foster character formation and the delicate, “art of man-making". Academics can produce an efficient professional. But, can it produce a fine human being? It is in this area that value education becomes vital in its need. While academic education is more in the area of "information", value education concentrates on "transformation" (meaning, transformation of the individual into a higher plane of inner refinement and growth). True and complete education is possible only when both "information" and "transformation" happen.


Our Efforts To Promote Value Education

Our operations of imparting Value Education in schools started in 2008 and we extended our programme from schools of Dehradun to school in Nabha (Punjab), Delhi, Gandhinagar and some Kendriya Vidhyalayas of Ahmedabad. We have till date extended this programme to 21432 students covering 173 schools.

Presently in association with Scientific Council Of Educational Research and Training (SCERT) Uttrakhand 9300 students in 59 schools are participating in National Character Building of the Youth.

How We Are Different

Vasudev Kutumb A charitable or Social Organization


Vasudev Kutumb, NGOs Angios In Dehradun Uttrakhand India

Camp On Values Of Value

vasudev Kutumb

Conducting interactive Sessions

Vasudev Kutumb, NGOs Angios In Dehradun Uttrakhand India

Conducting Free Camps

Vasudev Kutumb is a proactive group of ex ONGCians and retired Kendriya Vidyalaya principals and teachers wherein each member is a practicing example of Values and a role model for the society. All its members are bound by a common thread of values and discipline.

Vasudev Kutumb aims at fostering value education in schools thereby contributing to National Character Building by its multipronged approach nudging all the age groups.

  • Catching them young- we have programmes for schools, having
     children aged 10 to 18.
  • Adopting budding role models from schools & providing scholarships
      to needy & the deserving students.
  • Conducting interactive sessions with graduate trainees & students of
      schools & colleges.
  • Conducting free Camps- ‘Lakshya'
  • Spiritual Talks by eminent speakers followed by free ‘Satvik' lunch.
  • Except for the office operations (two part time members) all members
    of Vasudev Kutumb are working honorary and its all programmes are free of cost.


Vasudev Kutumb

The foundation seed of Vasudev Kutumb was sown, when a few ONGCians joined hands to do something for the society. After a brainstorming session it was decided that there was a need to impart Value Education to the new generation.


  • vasudevkutumb.india@ gmail.com
  • 0135-2759834 / 2752967
  • VasudevKutumb.org
  • 57 Ram Vihar, Ballupur Road, Dehradun
           248001, Uttarakhand, India