Study Material

Study Material

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Self Development Material

It is a diary designed by Vasudev Kutumb to imbibe values on a day to day basis among the students. Each student is given this diary on the first day of the programme. Its contents are as follows:

  • Prayer
  • Instructions to fill the Diary
  • Pages for self assessment. Each page is meant for a month where children tick and grade themselves to record their daily performance.
  • A brief explanation of meaning of common values.
  • A list of some ‘good deeds' which children can choose from and perform.
  • List of famous personalities and the values followed by them.
  • Seven important points to be remembered by the children.
  • A pull out of pretest paper.

Garden Of Life

We provide books to schools and (जीवनकला) books to Hindi medium schools. The Hindi books are exact translation of ‘Garden of life' books in English. These books are designed to motivate children to read and learn values with the help of Vasudev Kutumb volunteers who visit the schools on a monthly basis. These are graded books designed for standard 6th to 8th. Books numbered 6, 7, and 8 are being used for children of class 6th, 7th, and 8th respectively. Contents of the books are based on the following values:-

  • Book 1: Honesty, Hygiene, Social grace, Family bonding, School bonding, Social interaction, Environment and Devotion.
  • Book 2: Independence, Self – reliance, Punctuality, Obedience, Service, Patriotism, Environment and Devotion.
  • Book 3: Courage, Reading habit, Creativity, Respect, Empathy, Patriotism, Environment and Devotion.
  • Book 4: Hygiene, Nutrition, Habit formation, Good thinking, Physical fitness, Family bonding, Forgiveness, Service, Environment and Devotion.
  • Book 5: Creativity, Simplicity, Truth, Social grace, Service, Self – reliance, patriotism, Devotion and Environment.
  • Book 6: Cheerfulness, Self – esteem, Mental strength, Safety, Equality, Service, Spiritual exercise and Environment.
  • Book 7: Good values, Friendship, Happiness, Efficiency, Right attitude, Service, Patriotism and Devotion.

Vasudev Kutumb

The foundation seed of Vasudev Kutumb was sown, when a few ONGCians joined hands to do something for the society. After a brainstorming session it was decided that there was a need to impart Value Education to the new generation.


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